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by abigail on April 7, 2010


Looks like Bones is not going to be the only photographer in the family.  Audrey managed to talk him out of a Nikon D100 and she spent much of the long Easter weekend photographing friends, family and food (that’s my girl!).  Like father, like daughter.

She went up on our roof to photograph the Spring Regatta racing class, which the race committee considerately set out in the channel in front of our balcony.  She has to shoot from the roof because of the electric line that our neighbor not so considerately also set in front of our balcony.  Oh well, I guess any excuse to climb up on the roof is okay with a 12-year-old.

Audrey’s having tons of fun with her new toy and hopefully it will keep her attention longer than that expensive guitar/clothes rack we bought her a few years ago.  Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be seeing her photos here at Sugar Apple.

Audrey 1

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1 Amy April 7, 2010 at 11:33 am

That’s fantastic! A second generation photographer, and a second generation cook. That camera is huge; hope it doesn’t make her tip over.

2 Chennette April 7, 2010 at 4:21 pm

wow. congrats to Audrey! and getting to use big zoom lenses right away too :-) excellent!

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